Sunflower Seeds Bulk Price in India 2020-2021

Sunflower Seeds in Ocean Raw Food Suppliers

Here we give the Best Price of Sunflower Seeds in all over India with required minimum quantity and good payment terms.

Best Price of Sunflower Seeds

Minimum Quantity


197/- Per Kg1 Ton & Above100% Advance
202/- Per Kg500 Kg – 1 Ton100% Advance
209/- Per Kg100 Kg – 500 Kg100% Advance
214/- Per Kg50 Kg – 100 Kg100% Advance
217/- Per Kg25 Kg – 50 Kg100% Advance

Note :- Payment  Terms will be advance for first 5 orders after that we will give Credit as per your regular Monthly Orders.

We can Provide the pouches of Un-roasted Sunflower Seed with Brand Name of Seed Berry Enterprises Noida

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